ALTIVIA is committed to the constant improvement of our production and distribution capabilities.

ALTIVIA’s Petrochemical Complex in Haverhill, Ohio produces and distributes phenol, acetone, alpha methylstyrene [AMS] and bisphenol A (2017). As the third-largest merchant supplier of phenol and acetone in the Americas, we supply many North American operations involved in the production of resins, polycarbonates, paints & coatings, non-reactive solvents, and styrenic polymers.

The Ohio petrochemical complex has two on-site production
lines for both phenol and acetone, as well as a BPA production unit with drying and packaging facilities. The phenol production lines utilize the latest available technology of their kind.

Each of ALTIVIA’s products are shipped in bulk trucks, railcars,
and barges throughout North America. Our expanding 300+ railcar fleet includes the newest, safest, and highest-capacity railcars in the industry. These new railcars can ship higher volumes of phenol, reducing associated product handling and unloading costs for our customers.


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