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Brian L. Redmond Joins ALTIVIA as President of ALTIVIA Petrochemicals, LLC

(Houston)--ALTIVIA today announced that Brian L. Redmond has joined the company as President of its Aromatics business’ subsidiary, ALTIVIA Petrochemicals, LLC. Redmond will be responsible for operations, marketing, finance, and administration of ALTIVIA Petrochemicals, including Phenol, Acetone, Alpha-Methyl Styrene and Bisphenol-A production at ALTIVIA’s Petrochemical Complex in Haverhill, Ohio.

“Brian was instrumental in our successful acquisition of the Haverhill assets last year,” said J. Michael Jusbasche, Chief Executive Officer of ALTIVIA. “We are very pleased he will now lead ALTIVIA Petrochemicals.”

Redmond has a 25-year history in energy and commodities and has a proven track record in managing industrial companies. Recently, as a principal of Paragon Energy Holdings, Redmond originated, financed, and managed a portfolio of energy investments. Previously, Redmond held positions as President of Houston Pipeline Company, President of Louisiana Resource Company, and Managing Director of Enron. He recently served on the Board of Directors of Primary Energy Recycling Corporation (TSX:PRI), and currently serves on the boards of Saguaro Power LP and Deepwater Wind LLC.

Redmond has a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School, a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, privately held ALTIVIA was founded in 1986 and today is the largest merchant producer of Phosgene derivative intermediates in the Americas, including chloroformates and acid chlorides, serving pharmaceutical, organic peroxide and agricultural markets. In November 2015, ALTIVIA acquired the former Sunoco facilities in Haverhill, Ohio, the third largest merchant production facility of Phenol, Acetone and Alpha Methylstyrene in the Americas. ALTIVIA is also a producer of iron-based salts serving municipal and industrial customers with a broad range of chemical solutions, including products formulated for specific water treatment applications.

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