Management Team

J. Michael Jusbasche

Chief Executive Officer

As founder and Chief Executive Officer of ALTIVIA, Michael Jusbasche oversees ALTIVIA’s strategic vision, growth, and development. He founded ALTIVIA in 1986 to specialize in chemical production, services, and technology for drinking water and wastewater treatment.

After 26 years of operation, ALTIVIA expanded its production to include chemical intermediates for industrial applications and sold its commodities business to Brenntag AG in December 2012.

ALTIVIA currently operates three business segments and their associated production facilities:

  • ALTIVIA Petrochemicals (Haverhill, OH)
  • ALTIVIA Specialty Chemicals (LaPorte, TX)
  • ALTIVIA Chemicals (Houston, TX)

Mr. Jusbasche has more than thirty years’ experience in the chemicals industry and previously served as CEO of ALCOA - Coastal Chemicals, Managing Partner of Continental Coastal Company, and Reservoir Engineer for Shell Oil Company. He holds a Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering at Stanford University; Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University; and Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering with a Management Option from Stanford University.

1100 Louisiana St. Suite 4800 Houston, TX 77002
(713) 658-9000 or Toll Free: 866-ALTIVIA